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The Wallpaper. Modern art medium. Designed by Radim Kacer.


Vishnu. The god of Hinduism who some say preserves creation and others say made all things. 


It is through Vishnu that we know safety, that the cycles continue their course through the heavens and the earth. Without his power, we would know only chaos. But thanks to his grace and control, our lives have the chance to take on meaning.


These features make Vishnu one of the most beloved gods in the Hindu pantheon. His ten avatars and many exploits throughout the history of the universe contain startling images of transcendence, power, and even humor. Among all these tales, the god travels as a symbol of hope and salvation.


He goes by many names: Hari, Krishna, Rama, and others. He is said to do many things. In Vaishnavism, believers uphold the image of Vishnu as the god above all others. And in the Trimurti — where the roles of creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe are divided — Vishnu is given the work of preservation.


These incredibly auspicious roles have made Vishnu respected throughout Hinduism and well beyond. His name creates a sense of awe. His presence, a sense of wonder. His image, a sense of awakening.


How can this deity be expressed on your phone’s screen? And how would it change your life if you came into contact with this heavenly force throughout your day, every single day?


The Design

When Radim Kacer chose Vishnu as the subject of his new limited edition smartphone wallpaper series, it presented an interesting challenge.


The image of Vishnu is well attested in Hindu scripture and the rich tradition of religious art in India. This can be a well of inspiration to draw from, but to take Vishnu into the digital world, Kacer looked for a different visual language. He struck out on his own to find a style that could bring this god worshiped for millennia into vibrant conversation with the present day.


The result is this stunning portrait series that takes you through multiple phone and lock screen combinations, each one evoking the character in unique ways.


The patterning on Vishnu’s face reveals a swirling geometry that seems to bubble and morph into every imaginable shape of the cosmos. It is here, in his very skin, that existence teems. The high definition detail brings textured into a sharp focus, giving the eye even more emergent patterns to feast on. In these works of art, the latest digital technology is used to masterfully evoke an ancient god — and it can be yours today.


This compelling, inspiring work of digital art is available only in this limited edition bundle. With it, you can experience the power and preserving force of Vishnu every time you open your phone.


Offcial website: Vishnu ID

Vishnu Mask ID - (Limited)

SKU: 0019963
  • Items: Wallpapers, Folder Icons, Avatar Icon, PDF Booklet (Digital files)

    Display: Phone, Tablet, Desktop 5K, MacBook

    Display mode: Still

    File format: PNG, JPG

    Resolution: 2000×5112 pixels (Phone)

    Fits to all phones between 16:9 to 21:9 aspect ratio.


    Release: Jul 25, 2022

    Limited edition: 5 copies

    Author: Radim Kacer

    Offical website: Vishnu ID

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