• Stargate Alpha Centauri - The Wallpaper.

    5 color variants.

    For phone display.


    Limited edition: 20 copies

    Designed by Radim Kacer.

    Stargate Alpha Centauri - The Wallpaper (Limited edition)

    • The Wallpaper

      Items: 11 files

      Display: Phone

      Display mode: Still

      File format: PNG

      Resolution: 2000×5112 pixels

      Download file: ZIP (157 MB)


      Supported phones:

      Fits to all phones between 16:9 to 21:9 aspect ratio.

      See all supported models


      Release: Dec 20, 2019

      Name: Stargate Alpha Centauri

      Limited edition: 20 copies

      Author: Radim Kacer



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