• Monarch 9. - The Wallpaper. Designed by Radim Kacer.


    With certificate of authenticity.

    Private edition: One of a kind

    Monarch 9. - The Wallpaper (Private)

    • The Wallpaper

      Items: 2 files, PDF Booklet, PDF Certificate (Digital files)

      Display: Phone

      Display mode: Still

      File format: PNG

      Resolution: 2000×5112 pixels

      Download file: ZIP (17 MB)


      Supported phones:

      Fits to all phones between 16:9 to 21:9 aspect ratio.

      See all supported models


      Release: December 11, 2019

      Name: Monarch 9.

      Private edition: One of a kind

      Author: Radim Kacer

    • THIS WALLPAPER IS AVAILABLE FOR RESELL. Wallpapers which are marked as “Private” with Opentrade (OT) license symbol can be resold to other people without paying commission to artist. Is required mention link to product page with original artwork to each post on social networks.


     Created and designed by OrganikPixel™ Technology. Invented in Europe by Radim Kacer™.

    © 2020 DESIGNED BY RADIM KACER. All Rights Reserved.

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