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The Wallpaper. Modern art medium. Radim Kacer Gallery.

Original Screen Picture Wallpaper.


Tefnut is an ancient Egyptian goddess who was associated with moisture, rain, and dew. She was often depicted as a lioness or a woman with the head of a lioness, and was sometimes depicted with the sun disk and the uraeus serpent on her head, which represented her connection to the sun god Ra.

Tefnut was also sometimes associated with other goddesses such as Bastet, Sekhmet, and Hathor, and was seen as a protective deity who could help ward off evil and illness. In Egyptian mythology, she was considered one of the nine deities who formed the Ennead, a group of gods and goddesses who were worshipped in the city of Heliopolis.

Tefnut White Magic Mask ID

SKU: 0030995
  • Items: Wallpapers, Folder Icons, Avatar Icon, PDF Booklet (Digital files)

    Display: Phone, Tablet, Desktop 5K, MacBook, iWatch

    Display mode: Still

    File format: PNG, JPG

    Phone resolution: 2000×5112 pixels
    (Fits to all phones between 16:9 to 21:9 aspect ratio.)

    Tablet resolution: 3384×3384 pixels

    Desktop resolution: 5120×2880 pixels (5K)

    MacBook: 2880×1800 pixels

    iWatch resolution: 1024×1252 pixels

  • Title: Tefnut White magic Mask ID Relic

    Technique: Digital art on screen

    Artwork value: €2900

    Black market edition: Classified

    Release: Mar 30, 2023

    Exhibition: Radim Kacer Gallery

    Author: Radim Kacer

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