When is good time to rest?

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

We are used to rest after the work or during weekends. Well, I had the same habit, but I felt something strange. Sometimes my mind isn’t ready for rest. I felt that I and all around me has creative mood and was pity to not use that energy. This works the other way, we force ourselves to work when our mind needs to rest. The best what we can do for ourselves and our productivity is listen to our own rhythm. Improve the knowledge to recognize when our mind “inhale” and when “exhale”. Btw, each physical activity is synchronized with breath. All sportsmen know that. When we apply this fact in daily life we may improve our productivity and daily satisfaction. Especially when you do creative work which consume a lot of energy even if you sit on sofa, you should learn when to say “stop”, respect your own rhythm and do what your mind is ready to do. Choose between being passive or active. Even for proper rest we have to be ready, otherwise we will not rest anyway. Resting at wrong time is same useless as working at wrong time. Conclusion: Listen to your internal rhythm, direction which your energy goes or in which state actually is. This rhythm ignores which day or time is, if you are active in Sunday, do creative work. In schools we are learning many things, how to read, write, calculate or how many citizens lives on Mars.... oh no sorry, not yet, just in USA. But we forget to learn how to understand our natural principals, we forget that not just knowledge we need to share, but also the wisdom.