Ultra HD Wraps

Imagine that your car wrap design has details of 4K TV.

Der König - Ultra HD Wrap Design for Volkswagen Multivan.
Der König - Ultra HD Wrap Design for Volkswagen Multivan. Designed by Radim Kacer.

Technique which I use for making abstract patterns allows me to make high resolution patterns for large surfaces and keep high details. One of the areas where these high resolution images was never used are car wraps. Printing in 300 DPI for large documents is no longer problem, but creating the data for print is still very difficult. With my method I can make images in size 8x5 meters in 300 DPI. This is the same quality as common print in catalogs or on retina displays. Another problematic part is to keep the details in patterns. It means if I scale up vector image I can reach sharpness and high quality print, but still missing details in patterns which has to be increased when the surface is larger. I use non-vector technique which is possible to scale up without loosing quality and detail. For each final size of the image I can create details according to size. Larger images required higher details in structures. Final results are equal to real world structures as are marbles, stones, wood, metals.

With my patterns you can get your car to another level. I am only one in the world who use these technique and is able to make hires images for large formats.

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