Completeness in incompleteness

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

The life is never done, never finished and never ends. Let the art has the same state.

Completeness in incompleteness
Completeness in incompleteness - Independent painter and designer.

One of the most interesting paradoxes which is spread to whole universe, art, human’s life and which manifesting the life itself is completeness in incompleteness. We are always attempting to reach perfectness. The point which we consider as PERFECT. Between the beginning and the end of any creative process is a moment, when the artwork reach the maximum potential. At this moment contains many different elements which completing the process. Such is, expression of its idea, information, a form, purpose. All these elements are on place and we wish to finish our work and stop the process, get to the point when all is done. But when we do this step, we take out the element which is called “Missing part”. This element plays the major role for completeness. When the art contains this “missing part” is complete. This is the paradox.

The incompleteness is giving the final beauty, increasing tension, giving a space for imagination and identity of the observer. Incomplete artwork symbolize naturally a vision.

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