Original & Unique


Based on Radim Kacer's study of abstract space.


As the only brand in the world Radim Kacer brings original artworks to smartphone displays.

The Brand

Founded by visual designer and painter Radim Kacer in 2018. As we are aware that phone displays are the most exposed place in daily life, we pay high attention to bring the best quality and original artworks for wearable devices.

The Concept

Our goal is to promote and deliver art to the most accessed location in our digital lives - The onscreen display of our mobile phones. As art changes over the decades, we embrace new and emerging digital art forms. Screens akin to the modern day art exhibition, while the galleries of yesteryear are emptying out.


Patterns are created by OrganikPixel™ Technology invented for HD digital image manipulation.  This technique uses no digital trickery such as pattern generation, plugins, scripts or automation.  Every graphic produced is uniquely hand crafted, by the acclaimed Radim Kacer, and totally original.

Real World Detail

300 DPI high quality print - 2.4 x 5 meters

Stylish Phone Screen

Ultra HD Wallpapers

Just like cases for phones are fashionable, wallpapers should be stylish and complimentary. This is the reason in creating high quality, trendy wallpapers as digital fashion accessories.

Car wraps business inquiries.

Phone Wallpapers

Wallpapers are available for all iPhone models, Samsung S8/S9, Google Pixel 2 XL, Huawei P20 Pro, LG G7 ThinkQ and more.

Radim Kacer


Paint The Same Way As The Universe Creates The Stars.


Change a wallpaper for THE WALLPAPER.


 Created and designed by OrganikPixel™ Technology. Invented in Europe by Radim Kacer™.

© 2020 DESIGNED BY RADIM KACER. All Rights Reserved.

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